Everyone these days seems to think they know which of the top cam sites is really the best. However, as a user of cam sites you have to read between the line. You need to ask ‘WHY?’

Why is the site identified a top cam site? No, seriously folks.

Missing the Mark: Cam Site Reviews

What does the site your reading say about it. I read so many supposed, “Cam Site Reviews” these days and somehow their getting to the top of search when unsuspecting users of cam sites don’t know that the person sharing reviews of the sites actually created the cam site their offering reviews for via cam site affiliate programs. This would be fine, if the readers actually knew about it. However, in most cases they do not. Our cam site reviews are for the ACTUAL PLATFORMS and UNIQUE CAM SITES. In cases where we have any interest in a cam site we properly disclose this. We also properly disclose (as so many reviews sites do not) that we are in some cases paid directly by the cam sites that you join. SEE THE FTC DISCLAIMER BELOW…and try not to be too distracted by the image of the girl below grabbing her pussy on webcams outdoors.

Cam girls doing adult webcam shows outdoors is a recent trend.

FTC Earning Disclaimer: TopAdultWebcamSites.com is an affiliate of adult webcam sites. Our adult cam reviews are never compromised by this fact. We do though want to make it crystal clear that users of this cam site who register via links at this website may generate a commission to us. Some but not all of the top cam sites we receive a commission when users join that site via links on this website.

Also please review the privacy-policy and terms of use for this site and contact us if you have any questions.

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