Launched in 2004, 321SexChat is a topic-based chat site for adults. You can choose from several different topics ranging from “BDSM” to “Furry,” & allows users to interact with each other one on one or in a group. 321sexchat is really a free sex chat platform for adults or not. That’s the big question.

Unfortunately, the site’s web design doesn’t depart far from its mid-2000s roots. With tacky fonts, clunky buttons, and nonsensical palette pairings, 321SexChat is one huge retro eyesore. I’ll go on to discuss the features it advertises, but as a fair warning, some of them don’t even work.

Next to free online porn, sites like 321 sexchat are perused by the masses looking for a fun free place for adult chat, but there is really more value to be had by looking outside of the realm of merely dirty chat.

We cover this in greater detail below as we also suggest some great alternatives to for 321sexchat.

321SexChat Review: A Scam Chat Platform!

321SexChat Live
Take a look at this SHITHOLE chatroom aka 321SexChat.com. The site is full of PERVERTS.

321SexChat users can stream or view webcams at any time for free, whenever and wherever you’d like.

The site doesn’t just allow live video chatting, but file and image transfer as well.

Pictures and files can be sent between individuals or to a group chat room, but we highly recommend that you never open any files unless you trust their source. This is NOT A SAFE PLACE!

Random chat sites love anonymity, so of course, 321SexChat has a few custom avatars available for users to choose from.

Of course, you can always upload your own image if you choose. But we highly recommend NOT TO UPLOAD Personal information.

321sexchat is not a trustable place to spend our time looking for adults for fun. All we can see is a bunch of pages that keep on opening until we feel enough of this shit and move on.

321SexChat Features & Prices:

Once you join a group chat, you can privately message specific members of the chat room and hide them from the rest of its guests using the site’s “Whisper” feature.

This is one of the obsolete chat room models you’ll see on the internet. I wonder how people could actually waste their time there.

321SexChat Models
Don’t get deceived looking at a pop-up box on 321sexchat. The sexy models are from different sites. A great way to SCAM sex chat users.

It’s okay to look for sex cams but a place like 321sexchat is not the best. It keeps on doing shit changes that nobody fucking cares anymore.

They also offer “Chatroulette,” which, like its namesake, connects random users via webcam.

Unfortunately, this feature is not properly functioning at the moment, so keep this in mind if you choose to give this site a visit.

In order to help users enhance their online interactions with one another, 321 SexChat offers tips and blog posts in their “Articles” section.

What a dope! Who the heck cares of a piece of information provided by this site.

Cut the chase guys, if you really want to do sex chats? You better check out Flirt4free (review at the link).

321SexChat never requires its users to pay or even register to access all of its features. There is one way you can unlock exclusive features on the site through–donating.

321SexChat Home
321SexChat home tells the story by itself. A SCAM site that lures people into different & potential DANGEROUS websites.

Donating to 321SexChat’s PayPal account will grant you VIP member status and allows you to use special emojis in chat rooms, change your name and chat colors, and copy/paste images directly into the chat log rather than adding them as an attachment.

321sex chat might be thought fancy little adult keyword could swamp up traffic and people could actually believe that it will be a good site. Adult users are far more informative these days about sex chat platforms.

People are losing trust in random video chat sites nowadays, thanks to shit sites like CamSurf (review at the link) which has perverts as registered members. So, we can only imagine how tough it is for adults to find the correct adult cam chat sites.

Needless to say, there are far many spam chat sites that spoil the adult chat experience.

Take Omegle & ChatRad (review at the links), both of them aren’t doing good for users but manage to find smart marketing and keeps in afloat in free chat business.

321SexChat.com Findings & Summary:

321SexChat is a total waste of time. It looks abandoned and run-down, and some of its core features aren’t even functional. Not only is this website aesthetically challenged, but navigating it is even more nightmarish.

321SexChat Porn
Great gimmick by 321sexchat to fake a free sex chat platform and send users to SPAM sites. JUST DON’T USE this site!

In order to enter a topic-based chat room of your choice, you have to click through five different buttons to get there! Too much process. That’s the way shitty spam chat sites work.

Take a hard look at Chaturbate (review at the link) for instance, it has everything that an adult user wants. We can watch free sex cams of models around the world.

Once you do, you could be unwillingly exposed to malicious files and unwanted dick pictures all thanks to 321SexChat’s file and image sharing feature.

The worst part is that because the platform never requires users to register, there’s no way of knowing whether or not the person–or people– you’re interacting with are even of age.

You can easily ask why such complications, the answer is 321sexchat is no longer in the current trend.

There’s just way too many problems with this site from broken features to potential cyberattacks.

Just stay far, far away! Not only that, too many ads and links that make users go away from the 321sexchat site. That is not good at all. It’s a SPAM!

Sign up for a real adult cam site instead, you bet I’m talking about Streamate.com and start chatting with verified models today.

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