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Chaturbate reviews – How it Got Popular!

Today we are discussing and what its costs are to use as well as how it all works. Our Chaturbate reviews cover some of the site history and what you can expect to be able to do as a member of this adult webcams platform.

We also talk about Chaturbate mobile and how that has evolved to focus more on the private live sex cams aspect of I have been a member of chaturbate for 6 years now and have seen it grow to be one of the best live porn sites.

What most people want to know is the value of Chaturbate tokens and what Chaturbate alternatives are out there. Likewise, readers have often asked us how Chaturbate works and if they really offer free sex cams. The answers to these questions and more are in our Chaturbate review below.

How Chaturbate Works …

Chaturbate variety
The variety of performers on Chaturbate is truly outstanding.

 Chaturbate ranks #5 overall on our list of the top cam sites is the newest the most visited adult video chat site that offers webcams. There are a few even newer cam sites like StripChat and CamSoda that are similar to, but Chaturbate is the reigning king of adult video chat as far as public nude chat sites.

The reason why Chaturbate is so popular is that they offer free voyeur cams and they were the first to introduce sex toys that users could control with tips.

There is a controversy over how much of the orgasms are faked at this adult webcams site, but there is no doubt that Chaturbate innovated the live sex chat industry over the past 5 years. No other xxx webcams site has raced to the top of the pack as fast as Chaturbate has.

It’s not a one-dimensional story though either. The other factors that have been at the heart of Chaturbates success are:

  1. Higher payments to cam girls
  2. Bots that automate tasks like resetting tip goals
  3. Focusing on cam girls using Twitter and other social media marketing to drive traffic to the site.  (Unlike other live sex sites, at Chaturbate cam girls provide much of their own traffic.)

Chaturbate as a company is based in America and has more American women on adult webcams than most cam sites put together. The one aspect though of adult video chat they are not known for is truly private live sex webcam shows.

However, that has changed over the past years as Chaturbate mobile has improved, and as the navigation has been enhanced to focus on more Chaturbate private live sex cam shows.

Women working on Chaterbate always tend to be smiling more than other cam sites. Perhaps they feel more in control of how the platform works.

Real Chaturbate User Reviews

How we ranked the top adult cam sites was based on what you the users told us and continue to tell us each day. In the upper right-hand corner of this page of Chaturbate reviews s you can click the number of stars this cam site deserves. Each cam site is ranked out of 5 stars.

The aggregate averages are displayed. The top cam sites are thus assigned simply based on what real users think. We think this is the most impartial way to assess what makes for a good adult cam site. Afterward, we share more insights from our research for each of the most visited adult webcam sites.

Lastly, we share the features of each of the top adult webcam sites and our summary based on both use reviews and our cam site reviews.

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Notable Chaturbate reviews Site Features

  • What makes Chaturbate special is they really focus on letting cam girls be social and freely promote their own personas.
  • Chaturbate really revolutionized the industry in 2013 by giving users the ability to tip to control performers’ vibrators. When users tip the vibrator inside a cam girl would activate. Chaturbate is the company that made this popular!
    Chaturbate reviews
    Most Chaturbate reviews focus on the fact that so many interests and niches are served from a single webcam site. Cam girls, gay cams, trans cams, fetish sex shows, and group live sex are all streaming all day every day at Chaturbate.


  • Chaturbate bots and the way they empower performers to drive traffic make them a one-of-a-kind adult sex cams site. Most cam sites rely on affiliates and buying traffic whereas Chaturbate has so much traffic they sell traffic to others. This is all due to their core philosophy of empowering cam girls and cam boys. They allow links outbound to personal websites and all sorts of social media sites as well which is an exception to the rule.

Chaturbate Mobile

As far as mobile sex cam sites, Chaturbate mobile is one of the best ways to watch sex cams on a smartphone. Whether you have a Nexus or an iPhone chaturbate natural cams is ease and loads ultra-fast with crisp high res HD sex cams action!

Few HD-enabled adult cam sites offer the mobile experience of Chaturbate mobile. This was not always the case, but Chaterbate has placed a huge focus on refining how people use their mobile site.

The reason for this is that while people spend more time on average using adult webcams from a desktop the sheer number of people who will only access smartphones is astronomical.

Moreover, Chaturbate mobile gets twice as much traffic as the desktop version of the live sex site in most lower-income countries.

Make no mistake about it, what was once a weakness of Chaturbate and the butt of many jokes is now the strength. Chaturbate mobile is a world in and of itself being that the features and viewing options are completely customized for the mobile phone user.

Chaturbate mobile
Chaturbate mobile is one of the best aspects. They make it easy to watch live sex cams for smartphones.
Editor Chaturbate Reviews Summary

I have to admit that I used to look down on Chaturbate because it was a bit of an eclectic and odd sex cam site that really did not seem very private.

With that said, after enjoying a few of their public and free adult webcam chat sessions I came to discover the private adult cam options they offer.

I am also really at that time learned how to really use the site and started to appreciate the depth of the Chaturbate tags search as well as the ability to keep your own private library of recorded cam girls shows on the site. I even listed the hottest chaturbate pregnant cam girls after knowing how tags work.

This feature is groundbreaking and it basically means you can build your own private live porn catalog. No other live sex cam site on the planet offers that function and most of the cam girls have opted in enabling these recorded free cam girl shows to be stored from your premium private sex cam sessions.

While Chaturbate is not known for private cam chat it’s actually a very good user experience, the trick is just finding the models who enjoy the private versus open shows. It was only after I started using private webcam sex chat at Chaturbate that I discovered how much I really like the site.

The bottom line is token activated sex toys and truly free sex cams which are open to all are why they have had so much success. I have to say is now in my top 3 because of the fact that your dollars go a lot farther here as well. Leading up to 2024 Chaturbate also added new navigation along the bottom of the site giving you the quick search ability to find cam girls whose shows cost 6 tokens per minute or less.

This Chaturbate review was last updated on December 28th, 2019.

Here is a screenshot of what the home page of the site looks like:

Chaturbate Home Page Screenshot

In conclusion, few people are disappointed at Chaturbate because they really deliver on the free sex cams promise and don’t make you pay for cam girl shows unless you want to..or prefer private live sex shows. Your conscious thought will probably lead to you throwing at least some tokens if you enjoy the site and end up using it frequently.

Some 11 million people search, ‘Chaturbate per month’ and that should be given an idea of just how huge it is. More than 5,000 women from all over the planet perform here on an average day. It is by far the largest sex cam site on the planet going into 2024!

If there was any other site like Chaturbate that I would suggest I would say read the Streamate reviews. It’s more focused on private webcam sex shows but the prices and service are stellar as well. All in all, is a solid 5-star sex webcams platform according to nearly all Chaturbate reviews.

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