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CamSoda is a popular video sex cams site but how does it work and what exactly do they offer if you decide to register here? Many people land on but want to know what they will get access to if they do take the time to become a member at this cam site.

Our Camsoda review shares all you need to know about it without having to join. And, we even give you some tips about other sites like Camsoda as well!

In and outs of using the cam site called CamSoda  

First off our CamSoda reviews take a closer look at the specifics of this site and what truly makes it unique. Each of the top cam sites in our cam site reviews shares that nude chat sites are the most popular.

What sets us apart from most cam site reviews websites is the fact we actually take the time to explain what makes each of our featured sites the actual top chat sites! CamSoda is a unique fresh concept in adult webcams that borrows some design concepts from Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is still a more popular sex cams site but CamSoda is gaining ground. 

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The aggregate averages are displayed. The top cam sites are thus assigned simply based on what real users think. We think this is the most impartial way to assess what makes for a good adult cam site. Afterward, we share more insights from our research for each of the most visited adult webcam sites.

Lastly, we share the features of each of the top adult webcam sites and our summary based on both use reviews and our cam site reviews.

A review of
A review of How it works and what is costs.

Notable CamSoda reviews Site Features

  • What makes CamSoda special you ask? Well for one cam girls can sell more content that at most premium cam sites and keeping entertainers is key. They are able to attract cam girls by paying them more and giving them more ways to earn more money.
    That said they are just a small boutique video chat site for adults at this time.
  • American porn stars who are transitioning to live sex video chat have made this a popular new adult webcams site
  • Our CamSoda reviews couldn’t be complete without sharing their brilliant use of viral marketing and pr stunts. Every month or so an outrageous silly news story comes out of the company behind CamSoda.

Areas CamSoda can improve

camsoda videos
Camsoda videos strive to be like manyvids but fails in a big way. One of the biggest opportunities to improve this aspect of Camsoda is to increase the font size so you do not have to struggle to even see it.

  • I don’t like the focus on outside sites across this webcam site’s navigation. The Camsoda videos are okay but they try to offer something of nearly no value next to live cam shows in premium video clips but it feels like an afterthought.
    The videos display text is too small and offers no details about what you will see in the video.
    The Camsoda videos aspect needs a lot more depth!
  • Also, the fact they have my media as a main tab versus hiding that til you log in and making it a sub-tab is a really odd design choice.
  • Lastly, the top videos and exclusive Camsoda videos should be merged and only on the navigation after things like niche sex cam shows. They ought to instead have a button for types of cam shows on the pink section of the top bar and remove dating which is only a referral to scammy low-quality dating sites.

    They can do so much better in making this live sex cams site better as far as just getting around. Also, the search box in light blue is too small and gets lost of the page.

    Porn star cams
    Porn star cams used to be a focus in the early days of Camsoda. Fewer pornstars though seem to be choosing CamSoda over more popular live sex streaming sites.

Porn star cams are perhaps the single biggest focus that Camsoda has. More American pornstar cam shows are on average streaming from this platform over others. This is not due to the fact that models make more here from users but because camsoda supplements those shows and sees them as gateways to get new users.

It’s hard to tell if their strategy has paid off but it’s clear that they have grown substantially as a live sex webcam platform over the past 36 months.

Cam Soda is also notorious for the wild news stories that are backed up and pushed out to journalists via paid placements on mainstream pop culture news sites. From fake sex dolls to shark bit stories; their all fake but funny and drive loads of clicks.

Free Latina Cams Live on CamSoda
The free Latina cams live on CamSoda is one of the most popular pages at this cam site. That said take note that 3 of the windows are missing performers. This is one annoyance of camsoda in that load times can be slow at times. They are more focused on the USA and the servers are a bit slow outside of the United States.

Lastly, one other thing really stands out in a big way at CamSoda and that is the degree of booty cams shows here. We’re not sure how cam soda came to be a place with so many cam girls with big butts but that has really turned out to be true.

Not just the porn star cams section but the Latina sex cams niche at CamSoda is huge and most of these home page features big butt Latina cam girls are really dominated the scene at CamSoda.

Therefore, if you are an ass man you may want to take them up on their welcome offer which gives you

Sites Like CamSoda

Being that CamSoda tries to imitate the success of that would of course be the site most like CamSoda.

It could be argued at times that perhaps they ought to take a cue from or ImLive through which are two webcam sex sites that are really bare-bones but super easy to use and all the aspects of navigation just seem to be ultra-intuitive. This I guess you could say is a weakness of CamSoda.

That said as far as the best sites like CamSoda I would have to say perhaps LiveJasmin. (review at that link). The reason we say LJ webcams is a cam site like CamSoda is because of the fresh design that is focused around style over substance image quality over interactivity.

Not to knock either site, we just see that in the way they select cam girls to focus on the home page at and LiveJasmin as well. Other aspects that make the two similar are the brand focus. You will find a ton of the CamSoda girls sporting sexy tank tops and branded gear to promote the site.

If I had to say one thing about camsoda compared to other xxx sex cam sites it would be the girls and the site are focused on very graphic live porn.
Editor CamSoda Reviews Summary

CamSoda is the cam site that always cries wolf. Their also marketing geniuses but their actual adult webcams are not in the top ranks and the reason why is they just don’t have the volume of traffic or cam girls that other larger and more popular cam sites do.

Not to knock the fact that they are growing and doing lots of cool things. is a pretty sweet site though where you can certainly have lots of wild sexual webcam shows and they have gotten more popular in the past year.

Lastly, just keep in mind this cam site is less than 5 years old so I expect they will continue to grow and nurture the positive aspects of their website. If you want to see another new live sex site like CamSoda check out stripchat (reviews at that link).

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