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Navigating Cam Sites

Types of Cam Sites

Understanding how adult cams work is tricky. Some cam sites are free and some cam sites are what are commonly referred to ‘Freemium cam sites’. These are cam sites which are merely free to join and allow the user to chat a little. What is important to know is that for the real live sex cams action, you typically have to fork over some money.

Costs of Cam Sites

While other cam sites are premium. This means that all  real 2 -way nude sex chat is behind a pay-wall and requires either memberships or tokens; or in other cases credit packages. Cam-to-cam adult chat on live webcams is a big business and oftentimes users are confused on the key differences in cam sites.

Cam sites vary greatly and it can take months to figure out all the differences between the most popular adult webcam sites.

There is also a 3rd kind of adult cam site. This is a blended free adult webcams site with totally private live sex cams that are optional but not free.

Reviews of Cam Sites

We help you understand the key differences with all the cam sites and how each works. Likewise we explain the prices of each and compare the cam sites. The primary goal of is to try uncover the costs differences and share the best cam site deals in the long run. This is why you want to make sure and take the time to read our detailed adult cam site reviews. We also tell you about any cam sites deals for short term savings as well. However, for regular cam site users what is most important is making informed decisions and saving the most over the long haul.


There are also huge differences on what functions and features the difference adult webcam sites offer and so we really zero in on things like stream quality, site load times (which vary in live streaming sites), and the ability to broadcast and watch adult cams on mobile phones. Mobile adult chat on cams is a growing trend on cam sites; so this is important to many users.

Also many nude live chat sites offer the viewer the ability to zoom and pan in on cam girls, while other cam sites do not. This is a popular cam site feature and so we share which cam sites have this function enabled.

What is most useful though is our list of the top cam sites with reviews for each and our actual cam site users reviews! Also read the list of the 10 Best Cam Sites.